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‘Swrna Rajhans – Students Family Welfare and Educational Development Program’ (SFW & EDP Program) is the highest priority program designed by the organization for next three year 2016 -2017 -2018 in four different slum area zones in Mumbai for the welfare of families of the students belong to very poor or low income families and weaker sections of the society specially staying in slum, urban and tribal areas of Mumbai and having yellow or orange ration cards.

Our main intention and purpose of this program is to give them quick and permanent relief from various issues and problems proved to be barriers in achieving education as well as to provide quality education right from basic to professional education for the students who cannot pursue or afford education just because of their weak financial condition; as most of them belong to very poor or low income families and weaker sections of the society specially staying in slum, urban and tribal areas of Mumbai. Hence we have created two main categories i.e. EDUCATIONAL and SOCIAL in our social welfare mission called as “Mission Vande Mataram – National Social Welfare Mission”.

SFW & EDP Program specially covers social issues relating to students or their family members and matters which distract students from education or restrict their growth and development. All the projects, under SFW & EDP Program, are designed after profound study of needs, requirements, barriers and problems faced by people in the society, so all our projects are practical and genuine.
Under SFW & EDP Program we conduct various educational & social projects, programs, plans, schemes, camps, missions, events, seminars, campaign and other various welfare activities for the development of students.

SFW & EDP Program also works for the welfare of other family members of the students that mainly include women, girls, children, youth, working children, any curable & incurable disease patients, deaf, dumb, blind and handicapped people, physically disabled and mentally challenged people, old age people….etc. and other needy people of all gender and all age groups in that family.

All the above category of people are genuinely from poor, needy, deprived, deserving and underprivileged families from low income groups or weaker sections of the society who are in the need of care and protection specially staying in the slum, urban and tribal areas of Mumbai.

Our organization conducts various surveys and personal visits to check their genuine financial position before providing them free helps and facilities. All these beneficiaries are selected on the basis of their weak financial conditions and physical capabilities. All required documentations are prepared and all legal and constitutional formalities are fulfilled before considering students and their families under SFW & EDP Program.

Following are the subjects we are mainly covering for the welfare of students and their family members under SFW & EDP Program.

a) To start MCDC Centers for quick relief from rising prices of commodities to avoid malnutrition.
b) Women Empowerment, Vocational Training and Skill Development Program.
c) Health Checkups and Medical Help Program.
d) Educational Help and Scholarships Program.
e) Career Guidance and Interview Skills Development Program.
f) Creating Socially Responsible Citizen.
g) Girls, Child and Youth Development Program.


Indian Farmers have many challenges front of them right from sowing the seeds in the farm to taking their agricultural products to the market for sale. May of times they get exploited by the merchants/ dealers in the market by not giving relevant price to their agricultural products. Many of times they have to sell their agricultural products at extreme loss. Many of time they don’t get half of their money to be paid to them as a cost of their agricultural products by merchants/dealers and get cheated.

We visited more than 200 farmers at rural area through our representatives, appointed to study the difficulties, problems, issues and challenges front of the farmers. We realize the thing that the farmers are very strong enough to face and deal with all the challenges front of them but the only thing they want is strong and firm support system that stand by them to keep their fighting spirit continued.

When we meet farmers we found they have lots of problems in their life just because of the poverty, as even though they work hard whole day but get nothing as a returns in terms of the real value to their agricultural products. They and their family members are facing lots of problems such as some of them have to get their daughters married but they could not just because of lack of money for their weddings, some of them have students at home who cannot pursue higher education because of lack of financial supports from their family, some of them have family member at home who is suffering from curable or non curable disease but they cannot give them proper medical treatment just because of lack of money…..and so many problems.

When we ask them a solution on their thousands of problems they just requested us to give them a firm support as a NGO and do something to get the fair price for their agricultural products that they have produced with very hard work in entire year. They requested us to provide them with a facility or a system that will help them to sale their agricultural products directly to the markets in urban area and help them to escape from the exploitations by merchants or dealers.

Since on other hand, we also are adopting students and their families and working for their educational development and family welfare, we noticed that those families are also facing the daunting challenge of raising prices of commodities and food grains. So we decided to club both of these concepts together and avail a place to these farmers to sale their agricultural products to these families in urban and slum areas at very reasonable rate.

So under the ‘Swrna Rajhans – Farmers Welfare Program’ we provide these farmers the facility of a place where they can bring their agricultural products and sale it at very fair and reasonable price.  This program helps farmers to escape from the exploitations by merchants or dealers and give justice to their hard work. This way all the poor and needy families also get their necessary commodities at very reasonable rates to save lots of their money for their student’s education. ‘Swrna Rajhans Trust’ run this project on the basis of ‘NO PROFIT – NO LOSS’ and all the services and facilities to the farmers and these families are provided without charging single paisa at either of the side‘Swrna Rajhans Trust’ bears all the expenses of the distribution of agriculture products on its own by raising funds, charity and sponsorships. This is the way we are helping the farmers by giving them helping hands and providing them strong support to divert them from the suicidal tendencies and make them stand on their own will strongly and firmly to face all the difficulties and challenges front of them and their families.


We have adopted ‘Sharda Vidya Mandir’ school run by ‘Sharda Pratishthan’ on date 02nd Oct 2015. It is very first school we have adopted under our ‘Shala – School Adoption Program’ located at Jogeshwari East, Mumbai. This school is from 1st to 10th standard with around 350 students studying in this school. These students are from very poor and underprivileged families many of those are deprived of even one time meal. Due to financial crises and lack of enough expertise management people who are distracted from their real vision of social service this school was about to stop it’s functioning. Knowing the issue, we approached this school and put our proposal front of the authorized person and committed him to try our level best to provide good and healthy atmosphere and educational environment to the students in this school. We gave financial help of Rs. 30,000/- to this school for their basic necessities. Our 30 authorized and certified volunteers, who have completed all our qualification criteria and certification process 100% successfully in given period of time, are appointed on ‘School Welfare Committee’ to look after school related issues on the behalf of our organization in that school. Under this ‘Shala – School Adoption Program’ our main role is to provide them financial support for good school environment and better educational infrastructure facilities. This includes proper sitting benches, lights, fans and other electric devices, school projectors & screens, writing boards, school libraries, computer labs & internet connections, well equipped science laboratory, all teaching and learning materials and stationary, sports equipments, safe drinking water facilities to students and mainly toilet facilities for girls…etc and other necessary facilities are provided to school for smooth conduct of education process and systematic provision of a school for the transmission of knowledge, information, technologies and quality education. We proudly says Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurudevo Maheshwara, Gurur sakshat Param Brahma Tasmai Shrii-Gurave Namah, because we know the role of teacher is very important and vital in the case of development of students so we specially arrange teachers training and motivation program, teacher’s capacity enhancement program for the teachers in these schools. Under ‘Udaan’ & ‘Jeevan Sanjeevani’ programs, we also work for the welfare and development of parents and their students who are studying in these schools, adopted under ’Shala’. School environment related issues are specially handled at management level.

Strong Infrastructure facilities and good school environment make their study more joyful and smooth for students. They have equal opportunity to compete with mainstream population. They get taught in better manner instead of earlier options where they were fulfilling only formalities. Education is not about passing the classes one by one, it is about the process through which we convert young minds in citizens of tomorrow, who are capable to shoulder the responsibility of the nation. Through this phase we can make the education a joyful and easy process for poor children and provide them all necessary facilities.


Under this program we already helped a girl student for her educational fees by giving Rs. 21,000/- as a financial help for annual educational expenses. This program is very special for students as it solves their main problem of ‘Lack of Financial Support’ for their education. Our founder himself has special attachment with this program as few years back he also visited many NGOs with his educational profile presentation file in his hand for financial help for his education. But no one helped him. So he decided to introduce the same program very professionally for the students like him and present their profile for educational help for their studies. We have started adopting students from lower income groups and poor families who are struggling for financial support for their education. We arrange ‘Students Social Care Cadet – Profile Presentation for Free Educational Help Program’ to seek financial support from various NGOs, CSRs, Businessman, Individual Donors and Corporate People….etc. for students. Students are motivated to participate in the social activities of the NGO as a ‘Social Care Cadet’ for availing this financial help. Reason behind this is if you want to create responsible citizen out of every student then you must get them close to the social problems. Our concept of involving students in active social work as a ‘Social Care Cadet’ is based on ‘Scout & Guide’ and ‘National Service Scheme’ (NSS) of Government of India. We involve students in various social activities to create responsible Indian citizen out of them. This also helps us to find right & serious students for this program who realizes their responsibility towards the society.

In first phase under this profile presentation program we are adopting only 1000 students. The selection criteria of student is very strict and based on genuine and legal documentation related to his educational progress, family income and other necessary issues related to this programs. Our target is to adopt more than 5000 students in next two years under this profile presentation program.

We arrange ‘JAI HIND – 01 Hour for NATION – Rastra Vandana Samaroh Program’ every month. We gather all students and their parent, teachers and other local well known personalities and conduct this program. We salute our nation and remember our social duties and responsibility and promise to follow it. We organize various speeches, plays, dramas, music, patriotic song singing and poetry readings, elocution on various social subjects….etc for spreading social messages to aware students and parents.

This program is really very important for creating responsible Indian citizen out of the students and produce socially aware & responsible generation for our nation. ‘Students’ are ‘Youth Power’ of our country. Youth builds a nation. So they are strength and assets of our nation. Education makes every student strong, self sufficient, self dependant and competent to earn their livelihood and get food, cloth and shelter on their own for them and their family. But strong feel of nationalism make them good citizen of our country. Empowerment and development of students is empowerment and development of nation. Youth power is a recognized force in the world today. The youth are filled with tremendous energy and towering ambitions. They can be utilized as a constructive and as a destructive force by any nation. Youth is that spark which needs no ignition. Youth is that clay which can be molded in either shape one wants. This is the sole reason for both exploitation and utilization of youth in the destruction and construction of any nation respectively. Nations strength is in its youth. Youth is that phase of life where dreams are built and a bright future is foreseen. It is the age of discovery and dreams. These are the years to foster moral principles, construct value system and begin an all-new journey on the path of the ‘right’. So if we are working for the welfare of the students we are directly working for the welfare of nation. To create responsible citizens out of every student by making them realize their responsibilities, rights and duties towards our society, our country and the world. It is necessary to remove all the social problems in the society permanently form the root. We have to work on the root cause of these problems, not on the symptoms. Around 99% social problems in the society arises because of poor mentality of common people, their misbelieves, illiteracy, false egos, inadequate or wrong information, carelessness, misguidance, having no realization of their rights, duties and responsibilities, having no proper social awareness. Around 90% of Indian population falls under this category. To solve all these social problems permanently from the root, we have to make them aware about various social issues and problems. Students need to be educated about their rights, responsibilities and duties towards the society so as to create a responsible citizen out of them. To achieve this purpose, it is very necessary to get them close to these social problems for making them realize the gravity of the situation and its bad effects on them and their society.

That is why; we have involved them in active social work through our social welfare activities by appointing them as Social Care Cadet on our ‘Swrna Rajhans – National Social Care Cadet Board of India’ and creating responsible Indian citizen out of them. Our concept is based on ‘Scout & Guide’ and National Service Scheme.

Today every family has students in their home. Today’s students are our tomorrow’s responsible Indian citizen so we started involving students in awareness program. Plan behind this is ‘to hit two birds with one stone’ means to reach every family with help of these students as every family have at least one student in their home and also to involve students to awareness program to make big impact on their little mind about these social issues to make them realize the gravity of the situation. We believe that education isn’t limited to the classroom walls. Instead, it arms children with knowledge in this social awareness program, students debate on issues at school-wide assemblies, picking topics relevant to their lives like dowry, child marriages, pollution ……. and many more. As the spotlight is not only on primary education, but overall development of the children by encouraging them to think, imagine and thus evolve as responsible citizens. Under this program the children are thought about their role as a citizen in a society. They are also made aware about the harmful effects of consumption of drugs and are counseled to gradually make the children abandoned drugs consumption with the motive to make them self dependent healthy and strong future of our country. Also social awareness program is not only confined to verbal debates as a source to spread awareness but it also stages shows or does nukkad natak, street plays i.e. street shows, street events….etc in our rallies on social issue to gratifies people to seek knowledge through entertainment.

In last few consequent years we have arrange many health checkup camps for students. Generally, students suffer from various health problems that they are not even aware of, until the health problem turns into serious medical problem. In such cases, the disease may cause a barrier to their health, education and career. Considering this aspect our NGO has decided to conduct ‘Free Health Check up Camps’ in the low income group schools in the slum area.

In last few years more than 2000 students have done their free heath check up in our various health check up camps out of which around 75% students have found health and medical issues, mainly optical, dental problems and nutritional problems in their bodies. We believe that this kind of free health check up camps must be arranged on every school or colleges after every 3-4 months.

We have a tie up with Seven Hills Hospital, Marol Mumbai under various Health and Medical scheme for people so that we can provide medical help to students who belong to low income families and who don’t even get basic medical facilities or periodic medical checkups. We help these students by providing them all kinds of medical help with total responsibility of their medical expenses for the entire year. We also provide them proper diet plan & health tips from expert doctors or dietician and healthy & nutritional food accordingly. We arrange health & medical checkup camps by expert doctors to locate any serious medical & health problem for which we take care of the entire medical expenses till the disease is cured. Accordingly, free medicines and healthcare is provided to students. We also try to provide special handicapped equipments and medical care to the students who are deaf, dumb, blind and mentally or physically challenged as per their physical deficiency Various social awareness camps, health & medical awareness programs, adult education camps and seminars are arranged. Our program surely saves the students from developing chronic diseases and help them to lead a healthy life in addition with other benefits like better health of students and reduced chances of falling sick, better and healthy lifestyle along with proper sanitation habits, awareness towards diseases, their spread, treatment and precautions, overall healthcare improvement in the areas and support services improvement, full attendance to the school and students stay regular to classes, save students from developing serious viral diseases, Increased life expectancy among children belonging from poor families.

Apart from education we give special focus on developing internal skills and talent of the students and try to create a big platform for them to achieve their dreams and goals. Mainly in health point of view we give special focus on power yoga, martial arts, gymnastics and dance….etc arts as they keep student’s mind and body very healthy. It keeps him happy and makes him very positive towards his life. This developed mental and physical strength in them and also improved their concentration power.

Two years back we had made available one place for martial art, power yoga and gymnastics practice for students from low income families. Around 20-25 students had given this facility with very nominal fees i.e. at 60% discount rate. After two years these students had shown their performance in state level championship program and won 06 Gold Medals for the batch…it’s our achievement.

‘You may be an Einstein within but no one will come to know until you have the ability to present yourself’’.

So under this development and empowerment program we have started educational courses for poor students. These courses consists of communication skills, personality development, basic computer knowledge, interview skills, attitude building and mainly ’English Speaking’ which makes them good in communication. The program was launched in the month of March, It was felt that a good command in English was essential to succeed and all slum children never had the opportunity to learn spoken English. The classes were fun and interactive and helped the children build their confidence. Children enjoyed these classes and one has begun to see results. The children have also started beginning to learn to use English as a language and communication tool. They even performed a play in English that they helped write and one student recited a Tagore poem at the event organized by class. Another of our courses is the ‘’personality development’’ course which is basically for the students of the age group of 18-20 who have completed their basic education and are capable for job. This course helps them develop a good body language and make them understand how to portray themselves for further interviews. It works on various aspects of the personality of a child may it be body language, confidence, communication skill, facial expressions etc. As it is said ‘’you may be an Einstein within but no one will come to know until you have the ability to present yourself’’. Also we had provided students with ‘’Basic computer courses’.’ The project aims at developing basic computer skills in children who otherwise do not have the access or scope for the same, given the importance of computer education in the current scenario. Computer labs and proper infrastructure in the schools have been established under the project. Over 200 children are enrolled in this school who attend classes regularly. Introduction of computer education has further motivated the children and their families to attend school regularly. With the help of some other educational institutes we are also planning to start mind development courses, educational guidance for mathematics and English subjects for vernacular students. All the institutes who are conducting these courses are providing their course with heavy discounts and with various policies & schemes those are really beneficial to our students. Hence these programs relate directly the plight of deprived students and poor people of the society who have no-one to help them to make their dream into reality.


The organization has been conducting group meetings and seminars to get parents and other people involved in social activities by making them realize their rights, responsibilities & duties towards society and to make people understand the vision and mission of the organization. Through this program parents realized their role in the society as a citizen. Here every person is made aware of the problems faced by the under privileged class of the society and provided them with the solutions on how we can join our hands to help them. The Idea is to involve the young and the old man and the women to work together to encourage the weak and the under privileged class to live a life of dignity and self dependence thereby knowing there rights and abilities. We have been conducting these group meetings and seminars in Baramati, Pune, Satara and Mumbai. Many people from different parts of the city intend to attend this seminar every year and volunteer themselves to work for the downtrodden class of the society.

Swrna Rajhans student welfare society is establishing various state level committees to help in the vision & mission. They have already established one district level committee in Mumbai comprising of 100 committee officers. In Pune and Satara they have already finalized 70% of our committee officers. They soon are forming committees all over Maharashtra and gradually all over India. These committees help us to reach out all classes of people with our various projects & awareness programs for welfare of society. This is performed with the motive of reaching to more and more people who are in need for our support even in the remote areas, the plan is to undertake activities in various rural villages related to awareness, education, and environmental development. The new projects are pre- defined and it would be implemented by the committee officers for the growth and development of weaker section of the society.

We are establishing various committees in some districts of Maharashtra where NGO can provide our free helps through these committees to poor and needy people. The organization are appointing volunteers, volunteer officers on these committees and providing them & their family members many facilities, monthly educational expense, monthly remuneration and other necessary benefits to keep them motivated for selfless social work. These benefits or facilities received from the organization surely help them to save maximum of expenses made on the education and medical purposes.

We have arranged many health checkup camps for parents and other people in their residence areas. More than 12 camps were arranged this year and around 3000 people were checked. Free Health & Medical Camps were arranged for free healthcare services and medical treatments, operations, surgeries for any curable and incurable disease at free of cost. We gave health care facilities to all the members of these adopted families with special focus on the healthcare of the children, women and girls.

Small Information session was also organized by the NGO to guide parents about their student’s health and nutrition. They are informed about what kind of diet is important for a growing child and the benefits of providing healthy nutrition with very common food diet. We also guide them to be aware about their students not to get addicted to alcohol, tobacco and other addictions. They were also acknowledged about the circumstances of addiction and how badly it affects the body. Also parents were given chance to ask any question related to their doubts about health and nutrition. After the end of the program all the parents were given proper diet chart and list of healthy nutrition.

The organization arranged 10 days Beauty Parlor Training Program in Jogeshwari (East) and in Vile Parle (East) in Mumbai. The main purpose of this program was women empowerment so that women can become self dependent. This program developed confidence among the women as it not only handed them with a skill but also with a power to be self sufficient. This program was conducted under the “Jilha Krida Adhikari” Sports Authority of India the department of Govt. of Maharashtra. This Program is highly considered for grant of State Govt of Maharashtra.

Women of the nearby locality were very delightful to have this program where the path of knowledge cannot be captivated. About 250 of the women participated in this program that belonged to very poor category and were very low from the poverty line. These unskilled women were given the opportunity to get trained. It was a regular two hour training for ten days which was conducted under the supervision of a professional beautician along with its two assistants. The women were thought about different work in parlor such as facial, pedicure, manicure and his assistants helped the women in clarifying their doubts. Also after their training they were given the experience to work in a parlor by which they started to earn and develop a stable economy.

We introduced this program with intense need of poor people we run this program on 06 months trial basis and now looking forward for it as our permanent project for the benefit of poor people who cannot afford two times meal because of high raising prizes of food grains and other necessary commodities for daily cooking. We made all necessary things, products & commodities available at reasonable cost and affordable prices or at less than MRP or Market prices as and when possible. We give MCDC Card (Multi Commodity Distribution Center Card) to each of the adopted families. They can purchase their monthly ration from this distribution centers and avail things at very low cost, at high discount rate.