"If you think you can do it but others don't, believe me you definitely can do it but firstly you just have to avoid and ignore negative and unwanted people around you then see how "nicely and positively things start happening.

- Ranjit D. Ranadive

Ranjit (Raj) Dipak Ranadive

Message From Founder

Two hands alone cannot make a revolutionary social change in the society. So all of us must come together and join our hands to get involved in “real social work” with pure intention of true and selfless social services to bring a long lasting or permanent social change in the society. This revolutionary social change can only happen with the help of 02 powerful ‘M’s. One is ‘M’an power and another is ‘M’oney power. If your ‘M’an power is capable enough with high dedication and strong determination to bring a historical change then ‘M’oney power doesn’t matter as it can easily be generated by them just by ‘Donating’ their sincere ‘Efforts’. –

Dear Friends!


Vande Mataram!!


We believe that around 99% social problems in the society arises because of poor mentality of common people, their misbelieves, illiteracy, false egos, inadequate or wrong information, carelessness, misguidance, having no realization of their rights, duties and responsibilities, having no proper social awareness. It is necessary to remove all the social problems in the society permanently form the root. We have to work on the root cause of these problems, not on the symptoms. Around 90% of Indian population falls in this category. So to solve all these social problems permanently from the root, we have to make people aware about the above social issues and problems to create responsible citizens out of them. To achieve this purpose, it is very necessary to get them close to these social problems for making them realize the gravity of the social situation and its bad effects on them and their society. That is why he decided to involve common people in active social work through social welfare activities of our organization.

We strongly believe that everything is possible in the field of social service, if we all come together to join hands and create more and more helping hands for revolutionary social change. We need more and more helping hands to convert this impossible mission of revolutionary social change into possible easily. We believe that to complete a ‘100% Work Task’ in a given period of time, if a person takes 100 hours of time and 100% efforts along with spending 100/- Rs. as expenditure to complete it then it’s always better to appoint 100 responsible and sincere people who can work with high dedication to complete that ‘100% Work Task’. Divide that ‘100% Work Task’ in the ratio of 01% each to every person among the group of 100 people and ask that every person to work responsibly with high dedication and sincere efforts to complete his ‘01% Work Task’ that has come in his part.

Under this method every person in the group of 100 has to work only on the ‘01% Work Task’ that he has got in his part with very minimum time, minimum efforts and minimum contribution. This method will help every person to complete his ‘01% Work Task’ that he has got in his part, in just 01 hours of time, 01% Efforts and he also has to spend only 01/- Rs. to complete that ‘100% Work Task’ in just 01 hours.

Comparatively if every person in a group of that 100 people could have tried alone to complete that ‘100% Work Task’ then that every person in a group of that 100 people would have to spend extra 99 hours of time, 99% efforts and Rs. 99/- to complete the ‘100% Work Task’. Here this method indirectly saved 99 hours of time, 99% efforts and Rs. 99/- of every person in the group of that 100 people.

Since more and more helping hands are involved, this method will also help to reduce ‘Work Load’ and ‘Work Burden’ on every single person in that group of 100 people. Also if ‘Proper Communication Process’ is maintained then the ‘Management and Execution’ of that ‘100% Work Task’ will also be done very effectively and professionally in very well manner.

One more positive impact will happen when these 100 responsible and sincere people with high dedication come together in group that it will increase their confidence, courage and morale among all of them. They will also create a faith and feeling among them realizing that they are not alone in the battle of revolutionary social change. The unity formed by all of them will increase their excitement and strength this will help to convert this impossible mission of big social change into possible easily. Hence we strongly believe that just 01% of our united, highly dedicated and sincere time-efforts-contribution can make revolutionary and big social change in the society and convert every impossible social change into possible.

We think “To serve our country if we cannot be on the border as a soldier fighting our enemies, then we should at least serve our country being within the society by solving thousands of social problems in our country “. This is what we are expecting from people of our country, especially from the young generation. The young generations generally get attracted to the style and fashion, so we want to reintroduce social work as a passion, fashion, style and a craze to attract young generation and get them involved in selfless & active social work. Basically we want to change the traditional face of the social work and mould it in a very modern way that is easily acceptable to the young generation. We want to create and raise the standard of social work with the new generation.

We want to create the next generation that is responsible and educated about their rights, duties and responsibilities towards our nation and society so as to create a responsible citizen out of them. So students are motivated to participate in the social activities of the NGO, the purpose behind this is to create responsible citizen out of every student as they are strong future of India by getting them close to the social problems and issues by involving them in active social services to get them close to these social problems so that he can realizes gravity of the social situation and its bad effects on them and their society.

We always wanted this organization to function in a very unique way and a unique system with unique design of its committees & sub committees in first time in the history of India. So that with help of these committees all the free benefits, facilities or helps in the form of cash or kind reach in proper manner and reach as it is without any corruption, misuse, misutilisation and misconduct to the poor, needy, deprived and deserving students and their family members belongs to underprivileged families form low income groups and weaker sections of the society.

While creating structure of these committees and sub committees, on the basis of priority we gave first opportunities to common people to involve in active social work and we got very good response from them too as we got many helping hands among them. We also decided to take help from some professional and certified social workers having some ‘Professional Degrees’ in ‘Social Work’ so that they can guide these common people better for effective social services and excellent outputs form the social projects. But very shockingly we have to mention that in my last 9 to 10 years of life as a social worker we have met several MSWs, BSWs and Management Students during the process of encouraging people to join our organization for selfless social work. Generally, we have seen people saying that MSW (Masters in Social Worker), BSW or Management Students only can do social work very effectively. But unfortunately we have to add the fact that 99% of such MSWs, BSWs or Management Students whom we met were interested in high salary packages OR self-monetary benefits from the funds received from donors meant for poor innocent people. When our legal advisor committee people had a discussion with them we found that many of time they had wrong attitude and false ego of the piece of paper called MSW, BSW or Management Degree. They pretend to have entire knowledge of the field but we realized that they have only theoretical knowledge which is also inadequate. Their practical knowledge is very less and improper and many of times it is wrong even after working many years in the field of social service/NGOs. So they are ‘Expert’ without ‘Knowledge’. They are not well informed and educated about laws, acts & legal procedures and practical working systems of the organization; mainly they are not built with good social attitude like ‘Social Servant’. Moreover they have over confidence with false proud of their degree which is just a piece of paper without right knowledge and information. They often try to prove them self to be always right because they have obtained piece of paper called as ‘Degree’.

They were never found to be interested in the welfare of poor & needy people. So we believe that a piece of paper that is called as a MSW, BSW or Management Degree cannot prove someone to be genuine social worker. We have thousands of examples in front of our eyes from Savirti bai Fule, Jyotiba Fule, Maharshi Karve, Sane Guruji up to our today’s great inspirations like Sindhutai Sakpal, Baba Amte, Anna Hazare and thousands of other unnoticed social workers who are neither MSWs nor Management Students but are making a remarkable change in the society than any of these MSWs or Management Student has ever made in their life. You might have few examples who are MSWs or Management Students working for society for making a change but as compared to the above figures, those numbers are nothing to be noticed. We believe that social work comes from the bottom of the heart and not from the degree.

Social work is all about understanding feelings and emotions of the people and giving them not only sympathy but empathy, this is the fact that every one of us has to accept. That is why we decided to choose very common but passionate people, with necessary basic qualities, from the society and check their abilities by giving them personal ‘qualifications criteria and certification processes, thereafter giving them practical social work training from expert trainers to make them professional social workers. These common people have the passion in them because they are the ones who are really suffering from the social problems and issues which are affecting their lives. We saw tremendous potential, power, enthusiasm, interest, dedication, energy and passion in these common people that any MSW, BSW or Management Students ever has, which is to accept social challenges or turn any impossible challenge into possible. Many of these common people joined us facing opposition from their family members & other people in the society who have very poor mentality and common or ordinary thinking. Every one of our team is very dedicated and passionate for selfless service because we realize our social responsibility. Most of our team has gone through some incidences in their life that has made them sensitive towards the society and needy people. So we believe that if these common people, with necessary basic qualities, are given proper training, they can give thousand time better performance than any MSWs or Management Students.

We have attended many seminars and presentations during above period, one thing we admit very sincerely that the qualities these MSW or Management people have greater than us is that they have good project presentation skills, good command on English, good communication skills and marketing skills through which they can elaborate any ‘Nonsense’ issue in such way to make it feel like a big or giant project with great impact to convince the donors, which we lack to do.

Before you take us wrong let us clear that we don’t hate these MSW, BSW or Management Studies People but most probably we avoid engaging such MSW, BSW and Management Studies candidates or the candidates having degrees or certifications in our organization’s social welfare activities. Of course our organization also has some candidates who are from MSW, BSW or Management Studies ground but before engaging them with our organization we specially make it sure that they are there for selfless social service and not for their self-benefits.

“We believe that people who step in the social service field for their self-interest or people who are doing certificate, diploma or degree courses in social services for high salary packages cannot actually work for the welfare of the society because they never bother about the feelings and sufferings of poor people but only care for the high salary packages and monetary benefits. We suggest such kind of MSW, BSW or Management Studies people that they should choose their career in another field because they are actually spoiling this field of social work. Such people have changed the mentality of donors causing them to lose faith in social services or social workers. Hence the genuine social workers who are doing social work selflessly by bottom of their heart are facing problems in raising funds and running their social organizations.”

Be True & Proud Indian!

Vande Mataram!!