‘Swrna Rajhans – Students Family Welfare and Educational Development Program’ (SFW & EDP Program) is the highest priority program designed by the organization for next three year 2016 -2017 -2018 in four different slum area zones in Mumbai for the welfare of families of the students belong to very poor or low income families and weaker sections of the society specially staying in slum, urban and tribal areas of Mumbai and having yellow or orange ration cards.Our main intention and purpose of this program is to give them quick and permanent relief from various issues and problems proved to be barriers in achieving education as well as to provide quality education right from basic to professional education for the students who cannot pursue or afford education just because of their weak financial condition; as most of them belong to very poor or low income families and weaker sections of the society specially staying in slum, urban and tribal areas of Mumbai. Hence we have created two main categories i.e. EDUCATIONAL and SOCIAL in our social welfare mission called as “Mission Vande Mataram – National Social Welfare Mission”.SFW & EDP Program specially covers social issues relating to students or their family members and matters which distract students from education or restrict their growth and development. All the projects, under SFW & EDP Program, are designed after profound study of needs, requirements, barriers and problems faced by people in the society, so all our projects are practical and genuine. Under SFW & EDP Program we conduct various educational & social projects, programs, plans, schemes, camps, missions, events, seminars, campaign and other various welfare activities for the development of students.SFW & EDP Program also works for the welfare of other family members of the students that mainly include women, girls, children, youth, working children, any curable & incurable disease patients, deaf, dumb, blind and handicapped people, physically disabled and mentally challenged people, old age people….etc. and other needy people of all gender and all age groups in that family.All the above category of people are genuinely from poor, needy, deprived, deserving and underprivileged families from low income groups or weaker sections of the society who are in the need of care and protection specially staying in the slum, urban and tribal areas of Mumbai.Our organization conducts various surveys and personal visits to check their genuine financial position before providing them free helps and facilities. All these beneficiaries are selected on the basis of their weak financial conditions and physical capabilities. All required documentations are prepared and all legal and constitutional formalities are fulfilled before considering students and their families under SFW & EDP Program.Following are the subjects we are mainly covering for the welfare of students and their family members under SFW & EDP Program.a) To start MCDC Centers for quick relief from rising prices of commodities to avoid malnutrition. b) Women Empowerment, Vocational Training and Skill Development Program. c) Health Checkups and Medical Help Program. d) Educational Help and Scholarships Program. e) Career Guidance and Interview Skills Development Program. f) Creating Socially Responsible Citizen. g) Girls, Child and Youth Development Program