Jeevan Sanjeevani

Second program is “Jeevan Sanjeevani- Student’s Family Adoption & Welfare Program”. This Program covers 08 Family Aspects which distract students from education and are directly related to their families. Under this Project, we adopt families of student’s selected/adopted under ‘Udaan’ or families of students from school adopted under ‘Shala’. We also cover other underprivileged families in the jurisdiction area of our management committees from low-income groups and weaker sections of society residing in slum, rural, urban and tribal areas. To locate and adopt poor, needy, deprived, deserving & underprivileged families from low-income groups and weaker sections of society residing in slum, rural, urban and tribal areas in jurisdiction area of our management committee our management officers’ conduct home to home surveys and visits and also visit schools and colleges in same jurisdiction area of the management committee. For the welfare of students and all other members of these adopted families including women, girls, children, youth, working children, old age people, deaf, dumb, blind and handicapped people, physically disabled & mentally challenged people, any curable or incurable disease patient and other needy people of all gender and all age groups in the family, we conduct programs like Free Education Program, Women, Girls And Youth Empowerment & Development Program, Free Health & Medical Camps for free healthcare services and medical treatments, operations, surgeries for any curable and incurable disease at free of cost, Basic Necessities Distribution & Family Welfare Program, Multi Commodity Distribution Centre Facility….etc. We also avail them with Child Development Centre Facility to give special focus on the child development issues by providing their children education, basic food & nutrition by midday meal programs and medical facilities for their health. Today 60% students go to bed with empty stomach. Since proper source of livelihood is not available they face poverty and hunger. Considering the issue under Hunger Free Family Program we provide “Free Meal Distribution Centre’ facility for free distribution of food. Apart from these facilities, we arrange Family Awareness Program to make them aware about sanitation, hygienically living, proper use of water, and other social issues, which help them to rise above and involve in mainstream population. About 90% diseases in students are ‘Water Born’ diseases so we emphasize awareness on ‘Importance of Safe Drinking Water’ and also provide them with techniques or sources of availing safe drinking water. We specially arrange various Vocational Training & Skill Development Programs for these adopted families especially for women, girls and youth in these families, to make them self-dependent and competent to earn their livelihood and get food, cloth and shelter on their own for them and their family, mainly to be enabled to support their students in their studies