Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead.

Thomas Aquinas

‘Swrna Rajhans’ has designed the highest priority ‘Social Welfare Programs’ for the welfare, development, upliftment, and empowerment of poor and needy students and their underprivileged families belong to very low-income groups and weaker sections of the society especially staying in slum, urban and tribal areas of the country and possessing yellow or orange ration cards. We have designed the highest priority ‘Social Welfare Programs’ for next 06 years 2022 -2028 which is firstly conducted as a “Pilot Project” in the ‘KMG Regional Zone’ i.e. in Kandivali – Malad – Goregaon Regional Zone in Mumbai which also covers East and West both sides of the city, thereafter it will be conducted in various districts and regional zones in the state of Maharashtra then gradually all the states all over India.    
1) Striving to give quick and permanent relief from various issues and problems proved to be barriers in achieving all life necessities including higher education, healthy nutritional food, clothes, better life amenities, and medical facilities along with peaceful, happy, healthy, and honorable life with the sanitized or hygienic living environment in green & pollution free society.